Week 0144 : 27th March 2023


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We are excited to launch our new website and hope you will BMB excited too! Having ‘bridged the gap back to bridge’ during Covid, BMB has evolved as a result of all your great feedback and we now offer a huge bridge resource.
We hope you enjoy the new look and look forward to seeing more of you around the site and growing our community further in the new forums!,
P.S. Remember to email us hands. Bernard likes to have hands from real games to demonstrate his ideas in the live shows!





Monday March 20th
Declarer Play in Suit Contracts

Wednesday March 22nd
PAIRS recorded @ 7.30PM

Bernard’s game on Intobridge (from March 13th)

Friday March 24th
NO Broadcast




Our bridge holidays are open to all


Penalty Doubles – 24th March
Lyn Hilton at Denham Grove (Uxbridge)

Pre-emptive Bidding- 24th March
Gwen Beattie at Inn on the Prom (St Annes)




Monday – BMB Pairs Intobridge – 7.30pm

Bernard is playing tonight

Tuesday – Set Hands BBO – 2pm
Tuesday – Casual Bridge BBO – 7.30pm

Wednesday – Set Hands BBO – 11am

Thursday – Casual Bridge BBO – 2:30pm
Thursday – Set Hands BBO – 8pm

Saturday – Novice Practise BBO – 10am
Saturday – Set Hands BBO – 11am

Sunday – Casual Bridge BBO – 2:30pm
Sunday – Casual Bridge BBO – 7:30pm

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Week: 0144 Content released: 27th March 2023

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Monday Live Show
Bernard's Monday Live shows follow the topic of the month (available to both members & non-members).
Teams Live Show
Bernard's live Teams shows. Watch Bernard play live with accompanying commentary on the game play and optional live chat interaction with fellow viewers.
Friday Live Show
Bernard's live seminars on specific topics.
The Big Seminar
Bernard's Big Seminar on this month's topic accompanied by 8 Set Hands. The Set Hands can be played in our organised Set Hand Games (see BMB Calendar for dates & times), privately on BBO (LIN file provided), or on your own software e.g. Q-Plus (.pbn file provided). After playing the Set Hands you can watch Bernard's videos of each hand for guidance on the correct play.
Easier Hand of the Week
Easier hands for you to try. Bernard talks through the play of an easier hand on the Q-Plus software.
Harder Hand of the Week
Harder hands for you to try. Bernard talks through the play of an harder hand on the Q-Plus software.
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The BMB weekly Bidding Quiz.
Play Quiz
The BMB weekly Play Quiz. When you're ready see Bernard's video answer.
Lead Quiz
The BMB weekly Lead Quiz. Also known as the Prize Quiz. Try this quiz to see how you score out of 10. Your Lead Quiz Points will show in 'Your Activity' above. If you score 10/10 then you have the opportunity to enter into the Lead Quiz Prize Draw to play in the Prize Teams Game on BBO alongside Bernard.
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