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What Membership Offers You


Bernard provides a range of seminars about all aspects of bridge. Alongside the bi-weekly seminars will be a series of set hands for you to practise the ideas – you can play these on BBO at a variety of times, with videos to go with each of these hands. The combination of these two elements leads to an excellent learning experience.


You will be able to ask questions and engage in conversation with other bridge players. Bernard enjoys engaging with his audience and so is very responsive about hands and queries. The membership has a forum as well as Members' only private Facebook chat group, which will allow for a healthy discussion of all things bridge and perhaps far beyond.


Bernard Magee Bridge puts the emphasis on fun and enjoyment as well as progressing at bridge. There are quizzes and hands to look at each week as well as live entertainment in the form of mini-seminars and over the shoulder learning with Bernard bridge events. Members receive weekly emails with the week's event schedule.

Grow Your Skills with Us

If you join Bernard Magee Bridge you can expect to enhance your bridge experience in a whole variety of ways. Meeting new people online; learning new bridge skills; refreshing your old skills and, above all, increasing your enjoyment of this wonderful game.

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