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Bernard Magee Bridge was launched just after lockdown and has quickly become the UK's premier online bridge learning community catering to bridge players ranging from novices to club experts.

Every week Bernard Magee releases fresh bite-sized content to inspire and challenge your bridge playing abilities. Take as much or as little as your time allows.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you become a member of Bernard Magee Bridge you will receive more than simple online bridge tutorials. Being a BMB member means joining a community of like-minded bridge enthusiasts with whom you can chat and play on or offline.

Fully Online - Available 24/7

Whatever the pandemic means for you, BMB membership will keep you company all the way.

Seminars, Quizzes, Hands and More...

Whether you like playing set hands or testing your wit against Bernard's cunning quizzes, there are hours of entertainment at your fingertips.

Membership Content Updated Weekly

Bernard updates content weekly to ensure there is always something new to learn and enjoy for members.

Forums and Private Facebook Group

Feel free to branch out, meet new people and make new friends via our BMB community forums as well as our highly active Members' Facebook Group.

Here’s what people are saying about being a BMB member

Being a member of Bernard Magee Bridge is less like being a student and more like being part of a family. Bernard talks directly to all his members and is always willing to lend a hand or give advice to help members develop their bridge playing skills.

alison grant

BMB Member

"As a teacher, now retired, I recognise a good teacher when I see one and Bernard has a lovely friendly personality which makes learning fun."
christopher clements

BMB Member

"Enjoying your seminars, website …. in fact, everything you are doing in the way of improving our bridge education. Great job…. well done to you and the team."
phil stimpson

BMB Member

"Many thanks for your informative seminars. I used this information to easily bid and play this BBO contract which nobody else managed to reach."

Joining a membership has never been so much fun for both seasoned players and novices

Whatever your area of interest, BMB membership will have something to keep you entertained.


Big Seminars with Set Hands

Bernard sets a theme for the site, which lasts for the month and is covered in the live broadcasts as well as a longer and more meaty seminar for you to get your teeth into. All of the seminars are available as recordings to watch at your leisure if you miss the actual live broadcast. Then you are able to practise the topic with a set of eight hands. You can play these hands in a variety of ways.

Whether you do play them or not you are able to watch Bernard’s 8 mini-videos that accompany each hand. This combination of practice with seminar is Bernard’s favourite form of teaching and allows the user to gauge their progress.

Towards the end of the month there will be two different sets of mixed set hands taken from the hands from earlier topics. This allows you to practise hands without the foreknowledge of the topic to discover if you are taking the ideas on board. Once again these will be accompanied by Bernard's mini-video explanations.


Bidding, Play and Prize Quizzes

Bernard Magee Bridge has a variety of quizzes for you to get your teeth in to – on defence, declarer play and bidding. You can try them all if you wish or just choose your favourite. Bernard talks you through the answer to each one.


Hands of the Week

There are always two hands of the week on the site – one easier and one harder. With Q-Plus you can actually play the hand yourself if you wish. However, most enjoy going through the hand with Bernard and coming across lots of little techniques.


Live Events - three times a week

Bernard generally does three live events per week. The live mini-seminars (Monday & Friday) combine a mixture of chat, quiz, news and seminar.

His LIVE Teams On Wednesday evenings is when Bernard talks you through his thinking as he plays 12 boards of bridge. This is a very popular aspect – Bernard plays on BBO whilst broadcasting live – ride the rollercoaster as he wins some and loses some!


The Bernard Magee Bridge Online Shop

The BMB online shop is available for the purchase of Bernard's critically acclaimed bridge tutorial DVDs, individual Seminars and past Live Events. You can also purchase Gift Vouchers for Memberships or individual Tutorial Modules.

The shop is available to non-members, the range grows weekly and is ideal if there are specific tutorials of interest that you may have missed.


BMB Novice Area

Bernard Magee Bridge is not just for seasoned players. BMB has its own Novice Lounge where those new to the game can start their bridge journey.

Novices have access to their own lounge and forum, as well as Novice Tips and Bernard's Begin Bridge online learning software to take you from complete beginner to confident player.

About Your Teacher, Bernard Magee

Bernard Magee is the UK’s best-known bridge teacher and host, and has built up a tremendous following from his regular and highly popular articles in BRIDGE magazine.

He is the author of best-selling interactive tutorial software and DVDs on Acol Bridge available from the Bernard Magee Bridge shop and Amazon.

Bernard has published numerous bridge books, including The Mr Bridge Quiz and Puzzle Book published by Foulsham, The Collins Bridge Quiz Book published by HarperCollins, Better Hand Evaluation and Bernard Magee’s Tips for Better Bridge, both published by Mr Bridge.

Here’s what people are saying about Bernard

Bernard has been helping bridge students for more than 25 years and has a proven track record of being engaging, approachable and yet highly effective in teaching the nuances of bridge.

alan needham

BMB Member

"I believe we are improving in fact yesterday our opponents said that Bernard has a lot to answer for."
gwen beattie

BMB Member

"There's 'bite-sized chunks' in the form of quizzes for a quick bridge fix, detailed seminars, the camaraderie of forums, not forgetting invaluable insight into Bernard's thought processes during teams matches, it's all excellent and bridging the Covid gap."
pat sainsbury

BMB Member

"The site is fantastically informative, interesting, and challenging too, but I also enjoy visiting the forum where people can find help to improve their Bridge."

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robin & hilary levett

BMB Member

"A Smörgåsbord of Bridge Delights, ten minutes to spare? Pop in for a quick quiz or with an evening to fill settle in with a drink and glory in the working of Bernard’s mind whilst watching the teams match."

BMB Member

"I can hardly believe that I'm getting what feels like personal tuition. All for just over a tenner a month."

BMB Member

"Being able to watch the seminars in our own time and then coming together to play the set hands has been the aspect I enjoy the most."

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