Another new year brought in

Alfie helped with some tidying up at Denham!

The event went really well. Another full house with plenty of dancers inspired by Helen’s playlist and then 15 tables stayed up for the Speedball at 12.30.

It took a little time to recover energy after the event but I was able to spend that with Alfie so it was worth it.

Happy New Year

Alfie’s birthday

Alfie’s birthday happened to coincide with our farewell Mr Bridge party on board.

They created a lovely big cake and he was thoroughly spoilt!

We were in Hamburg for the day so he got to have a wonderful wet day.

The whole cruise was a success. I wonder how much Alfie will remember but his parents will have plenty of memories.

The bridge group was great with plenty of smiles throughout.

Tunisia in the heat

Missing my family with two weeks in the heat of Tunisia. A great bridge group.

Pictures like this one keep me going

We are usually just in the Royal Kenz hotel for winter sun, but this was a bonus to replace the cancelled cruises.

I have also got a new outfit for New Year:

Up to Scotland and over to the Fjords

I stayed at a hotel on my way up to Rosyth for a cruise. We are actively looking for more venues in the North.

This one was halfway up. Another four hour in the morning took me to Edinburgh and fortunately the air con was good in my car.

Here we are sailing out of Scotland on a lovely afternoon.

Full party of bridge players on a one week cruise.

Mr Bridge Party

80 years and counting. Over 350 guests came to celebrate the occasion. The weather was perfect and the whole day went smoothly.

About 100 bridge guests including many of the Mr Bridge hosts and team members.

There were at least 150 family there too.

The barn dance went very well afterwards with plenty of spinning and laughter.

My father enjoyed the day but needed the rest the next day!