Week 0136 : 30th January 2023


Defence Software


Q-Plus Bridge software: Defence.

Downloads are compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac 10.8 – 11 (Big Sur) and Android versions 5-11.

An in-browser version is available for iPads.

Once you have placed your order, the BMB office will send you an email with instructions on downloading and installing the software.

Q-plus Bridge software: Defence by Bernard Magee

The interactive way of improving your Defence.

Bernard Magee, Britain’s most popular bridge teacher, sharpens your defence in the course of 20 introductionary exercises and 120 complete deals in the following 10 chapters:

• Lead vs No trump Contracts
• Lead vs Suit Contracts
• Partner of Leader vs No trump Contracts
• Partner of Leader vs Suit Contracts
• Count Signals
• Attitude Signals
• Discarding
• Defensive Plan
• Stopping Declarer
• Counting the Hand

With every hand, the auction ends with East or West becoming declarer. You then defend the hand as the South player.

The first two deals of each chapter offer over the shoulder advice during the course of the play. The remaining ten deals of each chapter provide Bernard’s detailed explanations at the end of your own play.

The software is supported by user friendly help texts.