Week 0171 : 2nd October 2023


Begin Bridge Software


Q-Plus Bridge software: Begin Bridge.

Download version is compatible with all versions of Windows, only.

An in-browser version is available for Mac, iPad and Android.

Once you have placed your order, the BMB office will send you an email with instructions on downloading and installing the software.

Q-plus Bridge software: Begin Bridge by Bernard Magee

The interactive way of starting your Bridge.

Learn to play bridge with Britain’s best-known teacher. Through 20 interactive chapters, Bernard teaches you the basics of bridge.

• Basics of Bridge
• Basics of Card Play Technique
• Practice of Card Play Technique
• Planning the Card Play
• Basics of Bidding
• Bidding Balanced Hands
• Bidding Suits
• Responding to a Suit
• Supporting Partner
• Responding to 1NT
• The Stayman Convention
• 2NT Opening and Response
• Strong Two Opening and Response
• Overcalls
• Doubles
• Pre-empting
• Basics of Defence 1
• Basics of Defence 2
• Defence against No trump Contracts
• Defence against Suit Contracts

The software is supported by user friendly help texts.