Week 0136 : 30th January 2023


Advanced Acol Bidding Software


Q-Plus Bridge software: Advanced Acol Bidding.

Download is compatible with all versions of Windows, only. Advanced Acol Bidding is not Mac or Android compatible.

Once you have placed your order, the BMB office will send you an email with instructions on downloading and installing the software.

Q-plus Bridge software: Advanced Acol Bidding by Bernard Magee

The interactive way of improving your Acol Bidding.

Bernard Magee builds on the huge success of his first interactive software program with Advanced Acol Bidding. The software is supported by user friendly help texts.

• The Basics
• Advanced Use of the Basics
• Weak Two Openings
• Strong Two Openings
• Defence to Weak Twos
• Defence Against 1NT
• Doubles
• Two Suited Overcalls
• Defending against Other Systems
• Misfits and Big Distributions

Through 200 entirely new deals, Bernard covers these ten chapters, offering ’over the shoulder‘ advice as you try to bid each hand.

After the bidding, each hand becomes the subject of a further tutorial with Bernard guiding you through the play.