Week 0171 : 2nd October 2023



Benjaminised Acol (Benji-Acol), devised by Albert Benjamin from Scotland, is Acol with a revised system of two-level openings to allow an Acol player the opportunity to use two- bids in the majors as weak. 2 (with a negative 2 response) shows a hand that you would open 2♣ in traditional Acol and 2♣ (negative 2) shows either a balanced hand or an eight- playing trick hand in an unspecified suit. Note that many players use an opening 2NT to show a balanced 19- 20 points and the sequence 2♣-Pass- 2-Pass-2NT to show a balanced hand with 21-22 points. Some players interchange the 2♣ and 2 openings (Reverse Benjaminised Acol).

With Hand 1, you open 2♣ intending to rebid 2♠ to show the same as an Acol two in spades. With Hand 2, you open 2♠, weak. With Hand 3, where you would have opened an Acol 2♣, you open 2, the big bid in Benjamin.

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