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Week 0191 : 19th February 2024


Five Card Majors Software


Q-Plus Bridge software: Five Card Majors.

Download is compatible with all versions of Windows. Five Card Majors is not Mac, Android or iPad  compatible.

Once you have placed your order, the BMB office will send you an email with instructions on downloading and installing the software.

Q-plus Bridge software: Five Card Majors by Bernard Magee

The interactive way of improving your Five Card Majors Bidding.

Bernard Magee, Britain’s most popular bridge teacher, has joined forces with Q-plus, one of Britain’s best selling bridge software programs, to produce a Five Card Majors bidding teaching package. Bernard, through 200 deals, evaluates your bids, praising the correct ones and discussing the wrong ones.

Bernard explains, in his own inimitable way, difficult bidding sequences. So, if your PC has a sound card and a loudspeaker, you can hear Bernard’s spoken explanations, otherwise they are shown as text on your screen. After the bidding, you may also play the hand. The software is supported by user friendly help texts.

Contents (20 hands each):
• Opening Bids & Responses
• Support for Partner
• Opener’s & Responder’s Rebids
• Pre-empting
• Overcalls
• No Trump Openings
• Slams & Strong Openings
• Minors & Misfits
• Doubles
• Competitive Auctions