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Week 0204 : 20th May 2024



1. You switch if you lead a different suit from the one previously led.

2. Arrow-switch, an adaptation towards the end of a session allowing a single winner to be determined from a Mitchell movement.

Other things being equal, it is usually better to continue with the first suit rather than switch to a new suit. This is because each time you open up a new suit you risk giving away a trick. Common reasons to switch are as follows:

(i) Partner has discouraged the suit.
(ii) Continuing the original suit would mean leading into a tenace.
(iii) Continuing the original suit is too passive.
(iv) You have run out of the original suit.

South plays in 4. West leads the ♠10 and the ♠Q wins. As East, you should switch. There are three reasons for this:

Firstly, if the ♠J is a true card, there are no more spade tricks to cash.

Secondly, even if the ♠A stands up, you do not want to establish the ♠K.

Thirdly and most importantly, you want to set up some club winners to cash when you get in with the A. You should switch to the ♣J, top of the mini sequence.

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