Week 0170 : 25th September 2023



If you strip a player of safe exit cards by running a long suit to obtain one or more forced discards, this is a strip squeeze.

As South, you play in 3NT after West opened 1♠. West leads top spades and you take your ace on the second round, having seen East show out.

You know from the bidding that West holds the ♣K but there is no point playing on clubs as West has plenty of spade winners to cash. Instead, you try three rounds of diamonds and West discards a club on the third round. You continue with three rounds of hearts.

Reducing to only five cards, West cannot keep the ♣K, a club to guard the king and enough spades to beat you. He is likely to throw a spade. You then exit with a spade and score two club tricks at the end.

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