Week 0170 : 25th September 2023



A bid made at a high level due to the presence of interference bidding. For example after a 1♠ opening and a 3♣ overcall, responder may have to bid 3♠ with 7-8 points and some spade support, less than that required for an uncontested 3♠ bid. Such a bid is a ‘pressure bid’.

If holding full values for a 3♠ raise, responder would find another bid to take the pressure of opener, such as jumping to 4♠.

The usual rule is to allow the opposing bidding to pressure you into bidding one level higher than you would have bid without their bidding.

You would have bid only 2♠ if South had passed, so you should bid 3♠ over 3 but not 4♠ over 4.

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