Week 0171 : 2nd October 2023



When a contract depends on the position of two or three key cards, it helps to make a definite ‘assumption’ about one of them. Declarer then plans the play, ‘assuming’ the key card is badly or well placed, as the case may be.

As South, you open 1 in second seat and North raises you to 4. West leads the ♣10. East wins with the ace and switches to the 4.

With three certain losers (a spade, the A and the ♣A), you will need to guess right in diamonds and pick up the trumps without loss. You intend to finesse in hearts and so assume that East holds the K. This assumption tells you to place West with the A because East, if holding the A, the ♣A-J, the ♥K and possibly a spade honour, would not have passed as dealer.

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