Here is a fairy house that we found on a visit to Grandpa’s.

We had a really full and fun time over Easter. Plenty of cousins and friends as well as chocolate. A mixture of warming sun and perishing cold.

Alfie really enjoyed seeing different members of the family again and with his speech coming along in leaps and bounds a few of them got quite a shock.

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In the queue to get my first vaccine last week.

Pleased to visit the local Stadium for the first time. A very nice stadium it is too.

Everything was very efficient and no side affects to report either!

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The bread rose and it is certainly a pleasant gluten-free loaf. It turns out that using fresh yeast is the key.

I am doing our usual Italian flat bread today and then will try the Dan Lepard loaf again tomorrow. I will post the recipe in the forum.

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Two pictures of Alfie’s (and my) weekend.

Exploring on the right with a strange branch in the shape of his favourite number.

And making sand castles again rather than snow castles.

I think we are all waiting to see what Boris has to say tomorrow.
This feels like the calm before the…

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Helen was working at the weekend and we had to help out by dropping off an extra camera. These vehicles happened to be at the venue, so Alfie was in heaven.

We are certainly keeping busy but trying to get a balance now. The weekends are certainly calmer than the middle of the week.

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I did not turn on the computers on Sunday we were having too much fun. Alfie was on the sled, making snow balls and snow men and even making snow-castles.

I love a beautiful snow day and so does Alfie.

I am sure by Tuesday the snow will have all gone but we have made the most of it.

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