Here is Alfie looking very pleased with himself with sugary buttery icing.

Cooking and baking is one of the solutions on wet and dreary days.

But the rain has certainly helped the garden and Alfie has been helping bring in some lettuce and his favourite crop: radishes. He has been watching too much Peter Rabbit!

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We have a little stream running by our house and if you have your rain suit on and wellies too you are allowed in! Not usually with the bike mind you.

And here he is making the most of the mud. At the end of his cycling in mud sessions; we go straight around the back of the house and get hosed off.

However, we are hoping that the clothing is changing over the coming bank holiday and that we will be in a t-shirt and shorts. I will report back later on that one.

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Alfie had a go at horse riding over the weekend – he seemed to really enjoy it which pleased his Aunty.

On the Saturday Alfie was charging from park to park with older cousins – he was tucked up in bed very early indeed: exhausted.

he is starting to get excited about tree climbing as well – I can cope with this height but he seems to want to go much higher!

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What a day Monday was! 90 minutes of snow fun – tobogganing and snowmen. Then back inside for the live broadcast. Later on Father and son were out again after lunch with the layers coming off in the sunshine:

In the park, reclining in the sun enjoying his apple. We made the most of the extraordinary day. Suffice to say, Daddy was very tired by the end of the day!

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Here is a fairy house that we found on a visit to Grandpa’s.

We had a really full and fun time over Easter. Plenty of cousins and friends as well as chocolate. A mixture of warming sun and perishing cold.

Alfie really enjoyed seeing different members of the family again and with his speech coming along in leaps and bounds a few of them got quite a shock.

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In the queue to get my first vaccine last week.

Pleased to visit the local Stadium for the first time. A very nice stadium it is too.

Everything was very efficient and no side affects to report either!

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