The family are getting used to a morning cycle. Alfie on his balance bike and us on the pedalling machines. His confidence is so high that controlling him on the hills takes team work!

It is good to get out in the fresh air and good exercise for Alfie rather than him sitting on the back of my bike.

we pretty much make it out whatever the weather, but so far have been pretty lucky.

The pandemic has brought great change for me – the first time I have ever really had routine. I have always been off travelling somewhere so to be stationary and have time to plan has been novel for me but great for Alfie.

However I am looking forward to a break to the routine in the near future!

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He started the day with balloon football. And the fun went on throughout the day.

Obviously he was spoilt rotten all day!

Here he is with his cake and his transforming cars!

Meanwhile we all sung happy birthday – a small sample of the family as it has to be at this time.

And then of course he had the chance to eat it!

He is not sure he want to be three yet, because his favourite number is two. So he is two and twelve months.

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Alfie was invited to a nursery Mad Hatter’s party so I selotaped cars to his bike helmet. Never did get a picture of him in the thing though. However, he did enjoy the cakes.

The tree decorations could have been from Bernard Magee Bridge.

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Having been ill since we had our little holiday, I had failed to update my blog for which I apologise.

We enjoyed going for daily walks and cycles to all sorts of new places. In fact we took a picnic blanket wherever we went along with a flask of coffee.

We visited Windsor, Swinley Forest, as well as local lakes and woods. We are lucky to have so many well-looked after green spaces to explore. We found plenty of new places which we will be sure to revisit – enjoying the variety of colours and plenty of leaves to build mountains and destroy.

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So I have posted our favourite recipe on the gluten free forum at the same time as having Alfie help me make it.

Brownies were made in the morning and then we moved on to granola in the afternoon – gluten free oats for this one:

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