Helen and I generally operate gluten-free so we look for various recipes.

This one has worked out nicely for Friday lunchtimes: it is so simple.

Very simple to do. Make the mixture at 7 in the morning. Do the live show at 11. Feed Alfie whilst heating the oven and then the bread is done in 15 minutes for our lunch.
It is definitely a dipping style bread which goes well with hummus and taramasalata. Helen makes the hummus herself.
Although I should add that Alfie does help at all stages.

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With Mummy and Daddy busy the child will play!

Paint everywhere! Panic ensues…

At least I cut put Alfie in the paddling pool. Some emails and enquiries were delayed!

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A few curls left

Having displayed my new cut this morning, here is Alfie’s new hair.

You can be the judge.

He seems happy enough anyway.

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Toys all over the place

There are times that the house is neat and tidy, but this isn’t one of them

Sometimes my mind is a little like this when I am trying to get my bridge ideas in order!

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This morning’s story

Alfie loves sunken boats and treasure. He just about manages to stay the course for most of the tale.

A very sad story but brings back memories of better times

Alfie won’t remember that he has seen the little mermaid before

Just five months ago we were on a Christmas markets cruise on the Balmoral. It seems a world away now

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Too many hair cutters?

Well I finally took the plunge and let Helen have a go. Alfie did not want to miss out either, although he doesn’t know that he is next for the cut.

And here is the result:

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