The other mermaid in Copenhagen

Rainbow in Riga
Founder member cocktail party
Alfie missing Daddy!

The Baltic cruise is a long cruise and Daddy is missing the family. However the bridge cruise is going very well indeed: much fun and back to enjoying holidays. it is time to get back on the seas!

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Alfie making snow angels

We had a wonderful holiday in Switzerland. Beautiful weather and alfie took to the skiing rather well. videos to follow.

We travelled by car, plane, train and bus so Alfie was pretty excited all day and then as the snow increased he was in heaven.

The only downside is that Alfie does not really have any fear so as he skis each day he wants to do bigger and bigger hills.

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Alfie having birthday ice cream.

He had a great party on Sunday and a lovely birthday on Monday.

All 3 grandparents, plenty of cousins and uncles and aunts and a select few friends.

Mummy icing the cake with Alfie: unicorn poo icing.

Alfie is dressed as a pirate. His favourite part of the two days? Opening presents of course!

I have lots more photos, but they all have other children in, which of course one tends not to post these days. In fact the photos we get from nursery are always few and far between for the same reason.

suffice it to say, great fun was had at the party, with arts and crafts supplied by my sister Yvie: paper chain making, star decorating and biscuit icing.

pass the parcel and egg and spoon racing. (With plastic eggs!)

Thanks for all the good wishes – Alfie absorbed them all.

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Here is Alfie looking very pleased with himself with sugary buttery icing.

Cooking and baking is one of the solutions on wet and dreary days.

But the rain has certainly helped the garden and Alfie has been helping bring in some lettuce and his favourite crop: radishes. He has been watching too much Peter Rabbit!

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We have a little stream running by our house and if you have your rain suit on and wellies too you are allowed in! Not usually with the bike mind you.

And here he is making the most of the mud. At the end of his cycling in mud sessions; we go straight around the back of the house and get hosed off.

However, we are hoping that the clothing is changing over the coming bank holiday and that we will be in a t-shirt and shorts. I will report back later on that one.

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