Alfie showing off his ice cream eating skills
And very happy about it too

The ice cream was a special treat but he hears the van go by every day so there is pressure on the parents to give in. Note that I did not put a picture up of the two of us eating our ice creams!

eating out for less

And here we are yesterday taking advantage of the government offer of money off your meal. Breakfast at Bill’s after dropping Alfie off on our bikes.

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These were my sister’s blackberries made in to a lovely fool.

However we did manage to pick a punnet of our own on Sunday.

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Apologies to a few who missed the Friday afternoon bridge game. I was busy making Alfie a new sand pit.

In fact we have had a very busy weekend. Lots of long walks enjoying the good weather and finishing with a treat.

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Wild flowers from the garden and a few home grown veg, but mostly an Italian inspired anniversary dinner.

Thanks again to Roger & Irene.

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Helen and I generally operate gluten-free so we look for various recipes.

This one has worked out nicely for Friday lunchtimes: it is so simple.

Very simple to do. Make the mixture at 7 in the morning. Do the live show at 11. Feed Alfie whilst heating the oven and then the bread is done in 15 minutes for our lunch.
It is definitely a dipping style bread which goes well with hummus and taramasalata. Helen makes the hummus herself.
Although I should add that Alfie does help at all stages.

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With Mummy and Daddy busy the child will play!

Paint everywhere! Panic ensues…

At least I cut put Alfie in the paddling pool. Some emails and enquiries were delayed!

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