Q-plus 15 Software


Q-plus Bridge software.

Download versions are compatible with all Windows operating systems and Android operating systems 5 – 11. Q-plus 15 is not Mac compatible.

Once you have placed your order, the BMB office will send you an email with instructions on downloading and installing the software.


Q-plus Bridge 15 software by Johannes Leber (program author)

Q-plus Bridge 15 is the result of thirty years of research and development. Its publication sets the standard for bridge programs, both in playing strength as well as presentation and display.

• practically unlimited number of random deals with comparison through the play of the Closed Room
• 4500 Pair tournament deals with immediate ranking
• 5000 Team tournament deals with a comparative result
• own deals can be entered, stored, printed and exchanged over the Internet
• 15 pre-defined bidding systems, configurable with more than 150 conventions
• useful features for training and assistance (hints, warning against clear errors, explanation of artificial bids,display of probabilities, calculation of expected tricks)
• in a LAN, 2 players can play at 2 PCs connected by TCP/IP
• via the Internet, match results can be exchanged and compared

The Q-plus Bridge 15 software is supported by a full manual in the help menu.