How to Register for Bernard Magee Bridge Membership

Registering for membership with Bernard Magee Bridge is a quick and simple process. However, there are a couple of things to know about the forms and how they work.
Below is a step-by-step guide to completing your registration.
If you experience any problems with the sign-up process, or would prefer to sign-up by phone, please call us on: 01344 205120

Step 1 - Enter your contact details
When you click on the "Join BMB Membership" button below, the first thing you will see is a pop-up form like this one. This is where you enter your email address and card details. Please enter your: First Name, Last Name and Email Address where indicated on the image below.

Step 2 - Enter your card details
Now it's time to enter your Credit or Debit card details. Please note that this form is for Credit or Debit Cards, this form does NOT require any bank details such as sort code or account number. You will need to enter four pieces of information: 1) the long number along the middle of your card, 2) the expiry date of your card, 3) the CVC which is the last three digits on the signature strip on the reverse of your card, and finally, 4) your postcode.

Please note: the postcode field only appears after you have started to enter your card number. This is because the form can detect cards from other countries. For example, if your card is registered in USA, the form would ask for a "Zip Code", rather than a "Postcode".

Once you have entered the information, just click the "Pay" button once. There is sometimes a short wait whist the payment is processed so please do not click the button again or move away from the form.

Step 3 - Complete the registration form
After successful payment, PLEASE WAIT, there may be a short delay but you will be taken to the main BMB Membership Registration Form. This is where you enter your details for your membership account. Some of the fields will already have some information in them, such as your name and email address. The other fields will need to be completed in order to complete your registration successfully. Please fill out all the fields as per the image below:

Please click the button below to register for membership (if, for any reason, you do not see the forms as shown above, please contact us at:

Register for BMB Membership

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