April 3

Alfie helping me to prepare for the live feed.

Beatrix Potter this morning along with road-track and cars.


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  1. Hi. Just to say that WhatsApp will allow four of you to talk together. So one of us phones the other three and we can all chat together when playing. It very sociable and probably much more simple than Zoom. (Remember to put the phone on speaker so you don’t have to hold it while playing!

  2. We are enjoying your seminars. We have used BBO with friends on line and have created a whatsap group so that 4 of us at a time can have a voice call so can chat and feel connected. We have not used the video option as it put too much pressure on the bandwidth (and we do know what we look like! 🙂 )

  3. Hi Bernard. We are really enjoying your live broadcasts. Could Helen consider adding a music track to the build-up? (Check Google for free downloads). It would be great to have a theme tune to get us warmed up).

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