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BMB Bridge Club

The new schedule of games : 

Monday 7.30pm; 16 board game

Wednesday 9.00am; 8 board game

Thursday 7.30pm; 16 board game

Friday 5.30pm; 8 board game


Monday 2.30pm

Sunday 7.00pm

Week 65 Live Shows

Starting: Monday 20th September

Monday 11am

Wednesday 7:30pm

Friday 11am

Supporting Majors (Part 5)


Holiday News

On our bridge holiday website:

New UK Events up to June 2022.

You can also see:

Cruises  with Fred Olsen

Holidays in Majorca (2021 & 2022)

Holidays in Croatia (2022)

Cornwall in March 2022

Website News

We are introducing the begin bridge software on to the site allowing for any member to use.

It runs from absolute beginner through many novice levels, so I hope this will be helpful to any novices out there as well as any near beginners.

Use the cards below to navigate the site and access other areas such as Purchased Content from the BMB shop and to amend your account details.