Welcome to Bernard Magee Bridge

Please scroll down through this page to see samples of what you can expect from my site


There are three quizzes each week: Bidding, Lead and Play

Prize Quiz Example

An Unrevealing Auction.
Which Card Do You Lead?

Our prize quiz is a lot of fun and gives members the chance to enter our weekly prize draw if they answer correctly on their first attempt. The draw prize varies but right now the winner has the opportunity to play live with Bernard.

Play Quiz Example

Below is an example of our Play Quiz. You plan the play. Members can click to watch Bernard's answer video.

Bidding Quiz Example

Below is the answer to the Bidding Quiz that brought you here. Click play to see the video.

Hands of the Week

There are two hands of the week - one easier and one harder.
Bernard creates videos for each hand and discusses them in detail. Below is an example of an easier hand of the week.  

Easier Hand of the Week

Harder Hand of the Week

Seminars and Set Hands

Every fortnight Bernard does a ‘BIG’ seminar and then has 8 set hands to go with it.
You can choose to play the set hands on BBO or on software.
Then you can view Bernard’s Videos to go with them.
There is a short sample of his first video on Identifying Slams with 1 of the set hands.

Example Seminar

Example Set Hand

Live Events

Bernard does two live seminar shows - Monday free to air and Friday for Members only.
He also plays a live teams event once a week, where he gives over the shoulder commentary.

Friday Live Show Example

Friday Teams Commentary Example


Bernard Magee Bridge has an engaged and welcoming community. The site has active forums for general discussion, as well as for finding partners to play bridge online.

There is also a Private Members' Facebook Group for discussion, partnerships and general interest.

Coming Soon!

Bernard Magee Bridge is continually developing and has a lot of exciting plans for the future.

Our next step will be the launch of the BMB Shop where you will be able to access streamed DVDs of Bernard's Big Seminars, as well as the option to purchase individual seminars, set of hands, quizzes and more.