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Explaining the site

Your Members Homepage (My Homepage on the top menu) has four solid red buttons that take you to your weekly and fortnightly content. These are underneath the red and white news item cards.

LIVE EVENTS - these are broadcast on Mondays (open seminar), Wednesdays (Teams on BBO - members only) and Fridays (members only seminar). Please see calendar for all our dates and times.

QUIZZES - 4 per week (Prize, Play, Bidding and Novice Bidding)

HANDS of the WEEK - (2 levels, Easier and Harder) these hands are taken from the Q-plus software available in the BMB shop.

THE BIG SEMINAR WITH SET HANDS - the Big Seminar is released monthly and sets the subject for the month, which is continued in the Monday Lives. LIN and PBN files relating to each seminar are available for download on the seminar page. The first two weeks of the month feature set hands relating to the Big Seminar and the second two weeks each have Mixed Set Hands to test your knowledge.

Links to these are also available across the top menu bar.

You also have the LIBRARY:

• LIBRARY of BRIDGE magazines, published by Mr Bridge.
• ARCHIVE of the Charity YouTube Videos listed with their seminar titles.

The active elements of the site are in COMMUNITY:

General Discussion Forum

Partnership Forum

Bridge Questions Forum

Laws & Ethics Forum

• Facebook Private Members Group

BLOG - where you can find out more about Bernard

HELP – lots of short videos & info to help you with various things: From Q-plus, to BBO, to how to navigate the site (User Guide and Menu Guide).

Log-in Problems

If you are encountering problems when trying to log-in here are some tips to help:

1. Check you are you using this web address (and not an old one):

NOTE: you may need to close down old browser pages (tabs) and clear your browser cache.

NOTE: you may need to ensure that cookies are enabled on your device.

2. Check you are using the correct username & password[these are case & space sensitive]

NOTE: Sometimes your device may be set to store your log-in details and may be trying to use an old incorrect username & password.

3. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this on the ‘log-in’ page

Playing Videos

We want you to get the best out of all the videos that you watch on our site, so here are a few hints to help you.

SCROLLING DOWN - sometimes you may need to move a little further down the page to access the video buttons at the bottom of the video screen.

WATCH FULL SCREEN – use the button (with 4 small white arrows) at the bottom right on the video screen. Then to

WATCH A SMALLER SCREEN – press ‘escape’ (ESC) at any time or click the NOT-FULL-SCREEN button (similar looking button with 4 small white arrows) in the same place.

PAUSE - the video by clicking on the video screen or press the PAUSE / PLAY button on the bottom left of the playing screen.

VOLUME - can be adjusted easily by pressing on the white vertical volume bars (bottom left of the video screen) and dragging your finger to the left (to go down) or the right (to go up).

NOTE: Your device (tablet or computer) will also have its own volume control that you may need to adjust too.

NOTE: If you are hearing another video playing, this may be because you have another browser open playing a video.

QUALITY - can be adjusted – this can be particularly important on live events – click the white cog button on the bottom left of the video screen to select then choose the quality you want to view. The lower the quality the ‘fuzzier’ the screen will appear.

NOTE: If you are having difficulties getting the video to play, this may be because there is not enough ‘memory’ on your device. To increase the memory close down all other open apps and browsers or browser tabs. You may also need to clear the ‘cache’ on your browser. After doing this it may also help to restart your device.

SPEED - can be adjusted – useful if you want to watch a video at a faster or slower rate. The setting for this is on the white cog (along with quality) at the bottom right of the video screen.

NOTE: - if you are not seeing any videos on this site, it may be because your device cannot play them. Some older devices are not able to play videos.