Week 0126 : 21st November 2022

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Happy New Year

I was lucky enough to have my wife and child with me for New Year. Alfie was so well behaved. He slept through all the evening meals allowing Helen to relax a little.

I worked from 27 December until tonight. A really busy time, but a great crowd of people made for a rewarding time.

The setting for the Gala Dinner was lovely. The hotel staff worked tirelessly to accommodate our every whim.

And the Speedball which started at 00.30 in the new year had 19 tables: a record.

Helen had created a playlist for the dancing again this year and she had the dance floor full (& overflowing) again this year.

Alfie even had a dance.

My team worked really hard so lots of thanks to them:

It was lovely to be able to work and have my family together at the same time.

Happy new year.

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