Week 0127 : 28th November 2022

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Going Home

This is a picture of Alfie waiting for Daddy to come home.

I am blogging from the plane back from Munich.

Quite a final day of the river cruise:

Linz in the morning: an extra port of call which all enjoyed then a pre-lunch seminar on slam bidding.

After lunch, the main bridge game was mid-afternoon with a big turn out for three sections.

Then a disembarkation briefing followed by packing and changing for the farewell party and prize giving. Next we had the gala dinner including full crew presentation.

And finally we danced the night away! Plenty of us were up on the dance floor as the cruise came to an end.

This morning all the players had left before I was able to load the van with all the tables and chairs! Fortunately I had the help of all the crew who made short work of it. And Dan, my brother-in-law is driving it all back now.

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