Founder Member Day

June 3

With Mummy and Daddy busy the child will play!

Paint everywhere! Panic ensues…

At least I cut put Alfie in the paddling pool. Some emails and enquiries were delayed!


Alfie, Bernard Magee, bridge

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  1. Have really enjoyed the UTube videos but it never felt right to be getting all this valuable instruction for free. I am delighted to be able to show my gratitude by supporting your new website and look forward to improving my bridge even more. Thank you Bernard Magee for the past 10 weeks of gold dust! It has kept the boredom during the lockdown at bay for both me and my husband.

  2. Happy 50th birthday Bernard. Really enjoying your presentations. I have learned so much from them.

      1. Hello Ann,
        Just after seeing your query asking if we are related. I live in Limavady, N. Ireland. Whereabouts in the UK do you live?


  3. Really enjoying all your U Tube events and seen the all but rather late in viewing today – a shame as late in sending a message. Anyway just want to wish you a belated Happy 50th and I hope the rest of your day went perfectly.

    Very best wishes

  4. I’m enjoying your webinars very much indeed and have signed up as a founder member of the new venture. Wishing you every success and myself becoming a better bridge player

  5. Thank you for all the previous seminars. I have saved all of them and keep referring to various. How long will they be available for access ? Forever I hope.
    Many thanks,

  6. One good thing about lockdown Bernard, I have revisited forgotten bridge themes with you in your excellent online seminars. Thank you so much for your very enjoyable programmes and I look forward to your new venture. All the very best,

  7. enjoying online seminars. It would be really useful if you could put a short comment on each recording as to the contents. It would be so much easier than scrolling through every recording to find eg leads or overcalling.

  8. I have learnt so much from your thrice weekly teach-ins and my card play is improving which is great! Thank you.

  9. Have now become a founder member, and delighted to do so as a thank you for all you’ve done for us during lock-down. I’ve been really enjoying your YouTube lessons, which have given me structure to my week. Looking forward to a founder member’s drinks party on board Balmoral…but not sure which year that will be!!!

  10. We have so enjoyed your free bridge sessions , and now look forward to continuing
    As paid up members . Hope to improve our bridge with you help .
    Thank you so much .

  11. I made a donation to your Just Giving page for Cancer Research as I have been very grateful for the free seminars you have been doing during lockdown. Am very pleased to now become a Founder Member of your new venture and wish you well in it. Looking forward to becoming a better bridge player!

  12. Thank you so much for your tutorials, just brilliant and I love to hear your comments about other matters too. Your birthday is the day after mine and I was celebrating a special birthday too, except mine was a couple of decades older!

  13. I don’t know what I would have done without your weekly seminars. Being in lockdown for 13 weeks you made my time more bearable.
    Thank you so much for giving up your time to do this, I really believe my Bridge has improved.
    Looking forward to the new website and wish you the best of luck.

    1. I really do endorse the favourable comments already made. The seminars have been a lifeline ion these lockdown times.
      I live on my own so it is lovely to have Bernard ‘talking’ to me !!

  14. I have enjoyed every one of your lockdown sessions which have helped to keep me sane and give me focus on at least three days a week. Thank you so much.

    Can I suggest a clean paintbrush and a pail of water on the patio outside. My young children spent hours in the sunshine painting everywhere with no mishaps. Happy days – just not easy at the time!! All good wishes for the future, Sally Piber

  15. Hi Bernard
    I’ve enjoyed the seminars. So has Barry!
    Thanks for helping to make the lockdown more interesting. Look forward to the website and, fingers crossed, more cruises and bridge weekends.

  16. It is fun while it lasts, and they grow up so quickly. But I am happy that those days are well behind me!
    Except of course it is now grandchildren – but even they are past that stage (DG).

  17. Boys will be boys imagine having two like Alfie.Its a wonder I’m still sane. Of course that is debatable!!!

  18. Have really enjoyed the seminars. Great style, relaxed and friendly. Looking forward to membership.

  19. Looking forward to sharing your new venture has a Founder Member.seminars ,set hands.BBO events and more. Really enjoyed the UTube seminars thank you!
    GOOD LUCK Ann Johnson {mia}

  20. Fantastic seminars. So enjoyable and I’ve learned so much. Thank you Bernard. Wishing you all the very best with your new website.

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