Frequently Asked Questions

Video Window Size

In case you may not be aware, when you hover your cursor over the video, a control bar shows on the video screen. On the bottom right of the video screens is a button that will make the video full screen. To get out of full screen you press this same button again.

Text and Content Size

If you are using an iPad then you can also increase the screen size by using your thumb and finger:

Place a thumb and finger pinched together (or two fingers) on the screen and spread them apart. This action allows you to see a close-up of items on the screen. Pinch open quickly to immediately increase the page size to 200 per cent. Or pinch slowly to gradually increase the size. To decrease do the reverse action.

If you are using a PC computer (laptop or desktop) you can increase your browser size:

Hold down CTRL (control button) and press "+".

To decrease the size: Hold down CTRL (control button) and press "-".


Adjusting Sound

For sound, as well as the volume levels on your device, there is a control on the control bar on the bottom of the screen. This control looks like grey or white vertical bars, which when you press and drag to the right increase the sound. By default the sound should be right up on this setting.

Menu Display

The main navigation menu is dynamic, which means that it changes automatically depending on what kind of screen you are using to view the site. If you are using a small screen size, then the menu will change from words to what is called a "hamburger" menu. This is represented by three horizontal lines. Simply touch the three lines and you will see all the menu options available for you.

Why Do I Not Stay Logged In?

The Bernard Magee Bridge website uses cookies to record and remember certain information such as whether a visitor should stay logged in or not. If you have cookies disabled on your browser, or you use Private Browsing mode when accessing the internet, then your browser will not retain cookies from the sites you visit.

If you have to login each time you visit BMB, you most likely either have cookies disabled or are using Private Browsing mode when accessing the internet.