Another new year brought in

Alfie helped with some tidying up at Denham!

The event went really well. Another full house with plenty of dancers inspired by Helen’s playlist and then 15 tables stayed up for the Speedball at 12.30.

It took a little time to recover energy after the event but I was able to spend that with Alfie so it was worth it.

Happy New Year

Alfie’s birthday

Alfie’s birthday happened to coincide with our farewell Mr Bridge party on board.

They created a lovely big cake and he was thoroughly spoilt!

We were in Hamburg for the day so he got to have a wonderful wet day.

The whole cruise was a success. I wonder how much Alfie will remember but his parents will have plenty of memories.

The bridge group was great with plenty of smiles throughout.

Tunisia in the heat

Missing my family with two weeks in the heat of Tunisia. A great bridge group.

Pictures like this one keep me going

We are usually just in the Royal Kenz hotel for winter sun, but this was a bonus to replace the cancelled cruises.

I have also got a new outfit for New Year:

In Malta

I am in Malta for Mr Bridge’s first holiday in St Paul’s Bay.

I have my family with me. Here they are enjoying the Aquarium.

The hotel is excellent with good conference facilities. The food is excellent: hot and varied. The weather too has been good.

All are happy including Alfie.

Back on board

I am cruising the Med again. In Sicily for three days and then to Malta and on to Greece.

Our bridge group are having fun trying to use splinters and cue bids. As I mentioned in the seminars you often have to get things wrong to get things right eventually and so far quite a few have got them wrong!

The picture is of a Holy Week procession in Trapani, Sicily.

Missing Alfie and Helen of course and Alfie is trying nursery again today so fingers crossed it goes well.

Alfie’s First Flight

Last week we went to Amsterdam as a family. Alfie’s first flight.

I would like to say it was just holiday but actually I was visiting two river cruise ships. Mr Bridge is looking for a new ship to work on.

We travelled to Zaandam to stay on a Croissi ship and then the next day took the train to Arnhem to visit Brabant – Fred Olsen’s river ship.

After the work we had two lovely days in Dutch sunshine. Amsterdam on Monday and then Keukenhof gardens on the Tuesday.

Alfie is walking fast now and loved the gardens in full bloom.