Back to bridge weekends

Two weekends on the trot but there is time for the family to enjoy summer.

Last weekend I was in Blunsdon with a full house and this weekend I am in Grantham with another big party.

All going well with work and of course there is the big build up to next weekend when Mr Bridge is celebrating his 80th with a big party.

Back from Malta

We had a great time in Malta. My family has some good time – here Alfie is getting ready to explore the rock pools.

The bridge went well as well with smiles all round. The hotel was very large and busy but we were catered for well.

We got back easily enough with Alfie and Daddy sleeping on the flight home!

Next up for me will be sunny St Anne’s at the end of the month.

More Denham

Within ten days we were back at Denham for the new ACOL REBOOT event which we were replacing the filming event with. The same length as before with the same number of seminars too – six in three days!

The atmosphere was as good as ever and had my voice been a little stronger I would have enjoyed it just as much. However, starting with a sore throat and knowing you have a lot of talking to do was a little daunting.

It all went really well though and Alfie and Helen came up to see me for the last two days, cheering us all up with their smiles.

The picture is of the ingredients that Helen suggested for soothing my throat. That is turmeric by the way.

Thanks to all those who supplied medicines particularly Trish for Tyrozets.

Next year it will be Reboot Your Card Play at the same place and for the same time.

Happy birthday Alfie

What a wonderful year!

I have been around the world in more ways than one.

Alfie is wearing his birthday suit from Morocco. Bought in Marrakesh on my last cruise.

Alfie has a wonderful day, starting with his presents including a tunnel which his mother was enjoying too:

Then a nice walk in to town and back followed by lunch and then a visit to Santa:

Then over to Ryden Grange to meet Grandpa (Mr Bridge) and his cousins for singing and cake.

Finally to sleep and two tired parents celebrating a wonderful year:

Can’t wait for the next year. Hopefully doing two cruises with the family and a few weekends too, starting with Denham at New Year of course.

A month at home

Time to play with Alfie now that the last event is over.

I came back from Dartmoor last week having had another great gourmet bridge break.

A lovely tasting menu on Tuesday evening as well as being very lucky with the weather for our walk.

Good fun, good company, great food and just a few drinks!

My next event is not until after Christmas so I have a real chance to catch up with all sorts of things.

Sunny Cornwall

We made the long journey down to deepest Cornwall to meet Alfie’s 4 cousins.

They live in St Buryan. The weather was wonderful allowing picnics on both days and a wonderful coastal walk.

Alfie behaved perfectly and loved the four girls who enjoyed variously looking after him. Although they preferred him with out the sick!

His first tooth has arrived – he is growing up fast.

Part of the reason for this trip was do we could call at Two Bridges in Dartmoor on the way back where I have a Bridge event.

Another Bridge house party with gourmet food. Good fun events with two seminars as usual, but pre-dinner Bridge on the middle day so we can have a tasting menu at our leisure in the evening.

The photography show

More packing for the family as we headed to the NEC for 5 days.

Helen runs a big stall for her photography bag business there. I help out by taking all the money!

It was really busy and Alfie was a star – so well behaved throughout. In the mornings Granny was on hand to look after him whilst Helen worked. In the evenings he came out to the restaurants with us dealing with so many people and so many different atmospheres.

Half a day at home and now I am at Blunsdon near Swindon running another Bridge event: Drawing Trumps.

Dodging the Weather

I was in St Anne’s for a Bridge event on Monday and was so lucky with the weather – the snows had cleared. Coming back on Wednesday evening just before the second storm arrived.

Now I am back home and Alfie and I are enjoying the Spring. Bird song, squirrels galore and spring flowers as can be glimpsed in the pic.

Next week I am off to Dartmoor again – no more snow I hope. And then later in the week I am helping Helen at the photography show at the NEC.

Bournemouth and Back

Another Bridge event in Bournemouth over the weekend, followed by the cold weather. Alfie and I got caught in a blizzard and now we are wrapped up warm in the house.

I am hoping the cold spell will have passed by Monday when I have to head up to Lancashire for the next event.

Helen is busy preparing for the Photography Show in mid March which is her company’s big showcase. Busy times for both but enjoying being parents.

Alfie is full of smiles.