Bridge sacrilege

September 27

Autumn has arrived so I am making something that I have done for the past three years. And I need books to weigh down what I am creating! I am ashamed to say that the easiest heavy books for me to use that fit in the pot are bridge books as you can see – can you guess what I am making; and do you forgive my use of the books?


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  1. are you pressing meat, something like an ox tongue (apologies to vegetarians, but meat eaters have been known to do this….) ?

  2. Normally I would say Green Eggs and Ham but since it's autumn perhaps Brown Eggs and Ham.

    Choice of book depends on size of pan. For example, my copy of the Complete Works of Shakespeare wouldn't fit but Three Men in a Boat lacks sufficient mass. Card Play Technique is physically and mentally a weighty tome and probably deserves reading once a year.

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