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Week 0204 : 20th May 2024

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Members Newsletter 152

Release week:  152  Week Date:  22nd May 2023

Bernard Magee Bridge
w/c 22 May 2023
Members' News



Saturday, 20 May 2023


The BMB theme for the month of May is: SLAM MAY


A good place to start is watching the 'Big Seminar' on Slams - Jacoby 2NT. Then play the 8 accompanying set hands to reinforce what you have learnt.


During the first 3 weeks of the month you can play these in our scheduled Set Hand games on BBO (included in your membership - see the BMB Calendar for times).


This week we have Mixed Set Hands on BBO scheduled for you (included in your membership). This gives you an opportunity to review what you have learnt from previous Seminars - see the BMB Calendar for times.


Alternatively, use the downloadable .LIN and .PBN files to play at your leisure (see our Practice and Play menu for a full guide on the Set Hand Games and using the .LIN & .PBN files).


What's new this week?

+ Live Shows: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

+ Big Seminar: Slams - Jacoby 2NT (monthly -


+ 8 Set Hands: accompanying the 'Big Seminar'

+ Hands (of the week): Easier & Harder
+ Quizzes: Play, Lead (Prize), Bidding, Novice Bidding


11am Monday LIVE SHOW (FREE to ALL)
Slams - Jacoby 2NT

7:30pm Wednesday LIVE (members only)
Prize Teams on BBO

11am Friday LIVE SHOW (members only)

Holding Up (part 8)


Set Hand times:

23 May - Tuesday

24 May - Wednesday

25 May - Thursday

27 May - Saturday

We have updated the 'Practice & Play' menu AND HELP HUB with full guides - both written and videos - to guide you through the options available to you with your membership. Click on the links or buttons above to take a look.


With your BMB Membership we offer the following options to practice and play:

  • Game on - starting 6 February - moved from BBO
  • Casual Bridge (on BBO)
  • Novice Sessions (on BBO)
  • Set Hand Games (on BBO - no fees)

The Monday evening 7:30pm bridge game is now on

The next game will take place on Monday, 22 May at 7:30pm.


Join in the game on Monday and listen to Bernard's game play commentary Wednesday evening and interact with fellow viewers on the live chat.


To do this:

1st: You will need to REGISTER with to set up your account


2nd: ADVISE us of your IntoBridge username. You can do this by adding it at the bottom of your BMB Homepage (you will need to be logged in to BMB), or simply email us and we will add it for you

The next game will be free!

Note: Some of you may be worried about using cameras and sound. You do not need to use these if you do not wish to.



We would really love to hear your feedback on using - as IntoBridge are very responsive to this and keen to improve your playing experience on their platform. Thank you.


The NEW BMB Lead Quiz Leaderboard is now LIVE!

Log-in to BMB and see the message highlighted in yellow at the top of your Homepage.


Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy this week's new content!


Best wishes,
Bernard Magee & the BMB Team

P.S. Please remember to email us your example hands – Bernard really likes to have hands from real games to demonstrate his ideas in the live shows!


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