I have been on a cruise for 9 days visiting Morocco and then the Canaries.

Today, whilst WhatsApping home Alfie said Da Da for the first time!

I will see him tomorrow to hug him!

The cruise has been busy with two overland tours in Morocco which were pretty intense. Including the tannery:

It has been a successful cruise but I have certainly missed the family.

Just one more event before Christmas in Dartmoor and then a month of family time including Alfie’s first birthday coming up.

I bought him a Moroccan outfit to wear…


Alfie was having a messy play Halloween party as I headed down to Worthing for another bridge event.

All was well there with a great crowd of guests.

I am off this weekend! And have a few days with Alfie: we had just enough sweets to avoid any tricks.

Coming up there is one last cruise to Morocco and final midweek in Dartmoor then a well-earned break.