Going Home

This is a picture of Alfie waiting for Daddy to come home.

I am blogging from the plane back from Munich.

Quite a final day of the river cruise:

Linz in the morning: an extra port of call which all enjoyed then a pre-lunch seminar on slam bidding.

After lunch, the main bridge game was mid-afternoon with a big turn out for three sections.

Then a disembarkation briefing followed by packing and changing for the farewell party and prize giving. Next we had the gala dinner including full crew presentation.

And finally we danced the night away! Plenty of us were up on the dance floor as the cruise came to an end.

This morning all the players had left before I was able to load the van with all the tables and chairs! Fortunately I had the help of all the crew who made short work of it. And Dan, my brother-in-law is driving it all back now.

River Cruise

This is the last day of the cruise. Back home to the family tomorrow.

We did not make it all the way down the river because it was too dry. So we were in Vienna for 3 days with buses to Budapest and Bratislava.

Many people chose to explore Vienna a little more.

The weather has been brilliant which has made everybody happy and created a good atmosphere.

And finally we have the extra port of call of Linz today!

I am a little tired and ready for a cuddle with Alfie and Helen.

Sipping coffee with chocolates so I can make it through the long last day.

Meanwhile Helen has updated the photo from our cruise. Our family all togged up!

The picture is of Mr Bridge and me at the Landtmann Cafe in Vienna. Part of a lovely day exploring the city in the sunshine.

River Cruise revisited

One year on from our first jaunt down the Danube I am back again.

Above is my ‘snack’ at the airport.

I have already chatted to Alfie and Mummy this morning. Only a week away this time.

I proof read the next bridge in the plane, then the bus and finally at the hotel to keep ahead of the work.

The cruise starts today and the weather looks great.

A wonderful week

He is getting his feet!

I made the long journey back from Newcastle to immerse myself in family time.

Alfie is coming on leaps and bounds.

We did all sorts of walks and talks. Swings and slides. The talks were one-sided by the way in case you think he is advanced beyond his years…

Unfortunately some of the week had to be spent writing a new seminar ready for Worthing in two weeks.

However, Helen, Alfie and I loved being together.

Fred Olsen without family

Sitting in Sweden looking at ‘The Bridge’ that crosses to Denmark.

My posts have few and far between so I am set to try and catch up.

It has been a really busy three months.

Missing Alfie when I am away and loving the time when I am at home.

The Swedish waterways cruise was a great success with a full bridge group and good atmosphere. Three days in Stockholm for those looking to explore in detail.

I enjoyed exploring some of the islands including seeing Skansen the theme park before taking a ferry to Gamla Stan the old town. I know the town well so it was nice to explore different parts. What was not so nice was finding that my £50 worth of Krone had gone out of date!

Dry but cold would sum up the weather.