Back on Aegean Odyssey

So I am away for 12 days this time. The first long stint away from the family.

In Livorno now, having sailed from Rome. I had an extended sleep for the first time in a long time. I was glad and will certainly try again tomorrow! I know Helen will be very jealous.

We have scheduled Skype times for every day so I can see Alfie and interact. Now that he is nearing 6 months he is happy to look and smile with me on the screen. Often he tries to cuddle me – the picture is of him trying to do this!

Full party on the cruise this year; rather than the disrupted one last year when most were stranded at Heathrow by BA’s computers.

River Cruise and Home

Wow, time runs away. A really intense river cruise, which was very successful but also busy! Followed by six days with Alfie.

I need to fit in some rest time!

When I get home I want to spend all my time with Alfie, and it is wonderful but I know I have to slow down a bit.

Poor Helen is struggling to find time for herself too.

A cruise coming up for me too, but then a period back in the UK.

The picture is from a walk around Virginia Water. (Hopefully it will upload eventually)

Alfie will be six months next week.

Croatian Spring

I have been a bit lax with my postings.

This should have been last week’s

A week away in Croatia with a good Bridge group and a great team.

I have been back home for a week to play with Alfie non-stop and now I am at Gatwick again. Off to Basel for a river cruise on the Rhine.

Helen and Alfie are doing really well. However we do miss each other during the events. I am sure I will get a little more used to it after a little more time!

I am meeting my sister’s family in Basel. They have driven a big van packed with the equipment! They are then holidaying for a week to end in Amsterdam so as to collect all the equipment again and take me home. Should be an adventure for them as well as me.