Toe in the sea

I was lucky enough to have my family with me in the Isle of Wight on our now annual Bridge holiday there. Five days from start to finish it requires some stamina but the atmosphere has been great and with sacrificing as one of the topics there has been plenty of fun.

The weather on the first three days was superb and most had a good mix of holiday and Bridge. Alfie had his first experience of the sea, with a toe dipped in – he did not bag an eyelid!

A great holiday but definitely tiring! My family are having Sunday afternoon off and we are eating and relaxing in Bembridge.

First lesson

I am not sure how much he took in, but he has seen his first cards.

We had a good weekend away from work. We saw my Father on Saturday and my youngest sister on Sunday. We watched some sports and managed a little housework.

On Monday I was in London working on the DVDs – the eighth series is being edited.

Alfie is offering up lots of smiles.

This week brings the Isle of Wight. The whole family is coming to the event from Thursday to Monday. Always a good bridge event so I hope Helen and Alfie will enjoy it too.

Old haunts

After another busy weekend in Worthing at the Chatsworth Hotel, I was welcomed home by a lovely smile from Alfie: 😀

I was in charge of Alfie most of Monday and some of Tuesday. At the same time there was magazine proofs and also the DVDs needed to be checked over. Watching yourself is never easy…

Then on Wednesday, Helen had a meeting near Bicester so I thought I would pay a visit to an old hotel that we used to use exclusively for our weekends: The Hopcroft Holt Hotel.

Work is being done on improvements so who knows we might look in to revisiting there one day.

I finish this post with a smile: