Growing Pains

He seems to be smiling most of the time, but grouchy too!

We attended a funeral on Monday although a grimace from Alfie took me outside for a few laps of the cemetery, where he was smiling away.

This week has been a mixture of son-caring, article writing and prepping. Another weekend event coming up, this time in Worthing at the Chatsworth Hotel.

However, before that Alfie has his 8 week check up and the dreaded inoculations!

Quizzes & Grouches

Another quiz done for the magazine; this time revolving about redoubles!

At the same time it seems Alfie is going through a growing spurt! That is what you call it when your baby cries a lot and won’t settle supposedly?

This weekend I am back at Denham working. I am hoping that Alfie might come up and visit us.

Now I am focusing on a new Tips book. Aiming to finish the work in the next fortnight.


Most of this week has been about resting and fathering. Alfie is in to his seventh week now and is much more responsive.

My next event is over the next weekend at Denham again.

This week, I have tidied up a few loose ends and made some plans for the future.

We have an office meeting scheduled for next week and I will try to get all my articles written.

This weekend we have been socialising: Alfie had 4 girlfriends over for the evening (with their Dads). Yesterday my sister was over and today we are having our NCT reunion when you meet up with all the couples from the ante natal classes and their new babies.

Filming finished

Exhausted, but home with Alfie and Helen.

Three gruelling days of filming, but lots of fun too. The seminars went down well and the atmosphere was great.

Above are three of the crew using a drone to film some footage of me walking in to the hotel.

Charlie’s expensive toy.

The subjects today were pressing the defence and Overcalls.

Two roast dinners have left me very full, so I am pretty run down. But seeing my boy gives me a lovely feeling.

Waiting for trousers

Filming starts tomorrow and I have ordered new trousers.

Unfortunately the company has messed up their delivery so I am waiting before making my way to Denham.

Six new seminars taking the total to 48!

Teams of Four

Pressing the Defence

Disrupting declarer


Game Tries

Defending against Slams

The same filming team as last year so hopefully all will go well.

Three days away from the family, so more sleep but less company.

Alfie is still behaving himself.

A week goes by

Having recovered from New Year Helen and I have been trying to create a routine but Alfie is having none of it.

Tried to work on some seminars this morning: final prep for the filming but Alfie wouldn’t settle.

Eventually after 2 hours I took him out in the cold and damp and along rocky paths. Of course he chooses to sleep through this!

I think Bridge is more logical than babies!

Helen was working on a few things at the same time.

A busy household but also a happy household.

Happy New Year

I was lucky enough to have my wife and child with me for New Year. Alfie was so well behaved. He slept through all the evening meals allowing Helen to relax a little.

I worked from 27 December until tonight. A really busy time, but a great crowd of people made for a rewarding time.

The setting for the Gala Dinner was lovely. The hotel staff worked tirelessly to accommodate our every whim.

And the Speedball which started at 00.30 in the new year had 19 tables: a record.

Helen had created a playlist for the dancing again this year and she had the dance floor full (& overflowing) again this year.

Alfie even had a dance.

My team worked really hard so lots of thanks to them:

It was lovely to be able to work and have my family together at the same time.

Happy new year.