Back at Work

After 3 weeks with Alfie I am now back at work. Denham Grove for Twixmas and then for New Year.

Missing my boy but with FaceTime or Skype I can still keep tabs. Although so far on each occasion he has been sleeping.

Plenty of fun at the event where we are covering competitive bidding.

However this evening is normal duplicate. Here is one of the hands in play:

It will be interesting to see the results later. You can look on our Bridge webs page as well (bridgewebs/mrbridge).

Meanwhile I am sure Alfie is still sleeping.

Parties and tests

The Mr Bridge party was on Monday night and was good fun. The food was good and company too.

Today brought a lot of appointments for Alfie including a hip scan and hearing scan all of which he passed with flying colours.

He is very well behaved and dealt with both without a squirm.

Alfie meets family

This Saturday we had our annual family Carol concert at my brother’s

Alfie got to meet 40 family members: everybody wanted a hold as he slept through the whole event. And as you can imagine that takes some doing with children singing carols!

Helen and I are getting on pretty well: loving being parents.

I am doing very little work: just tidying a few things up and making up a new quiz for the next magazine.

Of course, I do have an event coming up on December 27 at Denham.

Tonight is the Mr Bridge Office party in Woking. I will try to stay awake throughout.

Enjoying the rollercoaster

It has been a relatively relaxed start to live as a Father.

Alfie is very well behaved. We are even getting some reasonable sleeps.

The picture is of the proofs for Bridge. I managed one page and then found myself waking with the pages splayed on the floor.

Helen is doing really well.

Amazing how time flies as you care for the little one. Feed, nappy, wash and clean up and half the morning has gone.

Answers to the questions above will be in the next issue of Bridge!

We went for our first walk with Alfie well wrapped up:

Home at Last

Helen stayed in hospital for a few days but we have made it home.

The staff at Frimley were amazing. So helpful and so friendly.

Alfie is a relaxed boy, Mummy is wonderful and Daddy is getting good at nappy changing.

It is amazing how full the day becomes and all those cliches about fatherhood are happening to me.

Loving it so far…

Due date passes

Our baby was expected today but no sign of it!

We were in the hospital for check up etc. Long waits and good advice given.

Both Helen and I are pretty emotional.

However with work on the back burner for the moment: we are able to relax amongst the lights and the tinsel.

Seminars almost done

Christmas decorations started with baby around the corner.

We will have no time for decorations soon enough!

Helen has stopped her work for a month and I have finished most of my urgent work so we can concentrate on the little one until Christmas.

We met some of our NCT group today including the first baby: Lily. She is a very good baby indeed and we are hoping for something similar. 🤞

Trying to relax over the weekend willing the baby to arrive early next week…