Working Weekend

Helen and I are trying to get things in order so plenty of time in front of the computers over the weekend.

Creating hands for the seminars as well as the plans themselves.

I did manage an excursion to an antiques shop though and picked up a great Christmas present for Helen and I.

An Italian inlaid gaming table:

With roulette at the bottom as shown, but then a layer with baize for Bridge and chess board on other side. Then backgammon and finally a beautiful decorative top.

We even celebrated with a game of roulette last night. Unfortunately Helen came out on top, by a distance.

Getting the work done…

This week is all about getting the prep done for the next 2 or 3 months!

The six DVDs for 2018 are my major project but also the articles for the magazine.

The picture is of my office desk: one is showing a PowerPoint presentation on defence against slams. Yes, I am still working on that one.

The other side has a bumper quiz for the magazine – the usual 12 questions and answers.

Helen is busy too: trying to get the business in a good place.

We are both starting to fret. Very excited but worried too.

Plenty of experience to call on, with my siblings having had so many children.

However, stories of babies coming early do not help! We need our two weeks.

This evening I am going to get the computer to create the hands for Twixmas and New Year at Denham Grove.

Seems a distance away now but I have a feeling it will be on top of me all too quickly.

The second tasting menu

The Two Bridges events were a revelation:

Lovely houseparties of about 40 players all ready to enjoy themselves and play a little Bridge and learn a little too.

But most of all ready to enjoy some wonderful food.

The menu above gave us all mouthwatering sensations. The only downside was getting to sleep on such a full tummy.

We have events in March & April next year and I am already looking forward to them.

Lead answer

I did have another look at the seminars on Tuesday so here is the full hand I promised. The answer was straightforward: do not lead a singleton if you have no chance of a ruff. You cannot expect your partner to have an entry so leading a trump is probably best.

Declarer will eventually lose the HA and a diamond.

On a diamond lead declarer should be able to avoid a diamond loser and make his slam.

I am at an event up in Grantham at the moment and will be reporting on it when I get back.

Preparing to be parents

We went to a full day of NCT On Saturday – our last session.

And we have been washing loads and loads of hand me downs – when you have 19 nephews and nieces there have been a lot of clothes used already.

On the radiator are some of the booties and various other affects.

On Sunday morning I went to see my Godson play football (Leanora’s son, Owen). He won man of the match!

Then in the afternoon I painted the ceiling of the nursery: sky blue.

And now one wall is painted golden yellow. Meanwhile there is proofreading to be done for the next magazine.

Long journey home

After an amazing event Helen and I had to rush back.

We left at 3.45 and managed to be in Bracknell at 7.20, just 20 minutes late for our NCT meeting. This finished at 9.45, so as you can imagine we were rather tired by the end.

But we do know a lot more about breast feeding!