Budapest from my window

The picture shows the view from my cabin. The weather is fine if a little cold.

We are here for 36 hours so lots of time to explore.

A seminar this morning, then a commentary as we cruised in to Budapest, then a hot chocolate to warm up.

What a city it is!

I made good my escape from the ship and charged around the city, over bridges around palaces and churches.

I stopped for a coffee with pancake: edes palacsinta, nagyi rudi = cottage cheese and peanut cream.

Perhaps more pics of the city might be more appropriate?

I then walked back over another bridge and towards the hill behind the ship. There I found the fisherman’s bastion and great views over the city.

Time to head back to the ship and then I discovered this strange statue:

It turns out (with the help of Google) that it is to Mansfeld Peter. He was a student who was executed in 1956.

Back to the ship for dinner and then evening bridge.

Everybody exhilarated by a wonderful city.

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